Weekly service is vital for those individuals who have hectic lifestyles. Routine pool maintenance is critical to the lifespan of your motors, pumps, filters, plaster, tiles, and other costly items. This is very much like an insurance policy against wear caused by leaves & other organic material, algae, rain, dust, hair, and other damaging variables.

Please give us a call for an accurate quote — we like to meet & greet our new clients while making sure our pricing is accurate for YOUR pool.


  • Check water level.
  • Skim surface of pool.
  • Net debris out of pool.
  • Brush walls, steps, seats and floor
  • Vacuum when needed.
  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets.
  • Check over the condition of your pool equipment.
  • Lube O rings when necessary.
  • Back wash when necessary.
  • Check water chemistry – Chlorine, PH and Alkalinity. Periodically we will test for water hardness, conditioner level and phosphates.
  • Salt Chlorinating systems – clean cell, check and maintain salt levels.
  • Check cleaning systems- in-floor and in-pool.
  • Add Chemicals as needed.
  • We will leave a slip with the date, name of service tech and a check list of things that have been done.

If you are not receiving the service that you want, give us a call!! 602-866-1526 Your price will depend on the type of equipment, size of your pool, and your landscaping.